VCA MUSIC was founded through a partnership between the couple Abdelnur, Victor Chicri & Luciene, and operates since 2009 in the Brazilian and American Music market, but has recently started its operations in the Latin Music market.


The CEO Maestro Victor Chicri is Bachelor Degree in Music Composition and Conducting, and he also is Arranger, Music Producer, Multi Instrumentalist and Composer, working on the music business for over 35 years. Among his most recent accomplishments, Victor Chicri was recognized as Minister of Praise and Worship by the United States Government in 2012, but he has already been exercising this ministry at the First Brazilian Baptist Church of New York (PIBBRNY - Family Church) since 2006.


Luciene Abdelnur is Bachelor Degree in International Business Administration, winning in 2000 the Academic Merit Honor Prize granted by the Brazilian Education Ministry from São Paulo, Brazil.