- VCA Music Church Services:

Victor Chicri is recognized as Minister of Praise and Worship by the United States government. 

Bachelor Degree in Music Composition and Conducting by "Brazilian Conservatory of Music of Rio de Janeiro" - Brazil, MAESTRO VICTOR CHICRI has over 10 years of experience working within the church of Christ as Praise and Worship Minister. 

Since 2002, Victor Chicri has helped to empower and multiply the God given talents in the music area of the churches, using all the experience of having worked with different styles of famous artists in the secular market.

With all this experience above, VCA Music offers the following services: 

    • To direct the weekly rehearsals of bands (news and experienced) - only for New York City and its neighborhood - this can be done in our studio too.
    • Empower musicians and singers to improve group dynamics, Victor Chicri is master in this matter; 
    • Distribute the instruments optimally according to the performance and talent of every church musician (volunteer or hired musician); 
    • Prepare each score to be rehearsed according to the tone of each singer; 
    • Write or modify arrangements for the songs when needed; 
    • Teach more volunteers to operate the soundboard;
    • Improve the regulation of the actual sound of the church; 
    • In Conferences and Events, coordinate all praise and worship area, including the whole structure of live sound (rent, assembly and disassembly of equipments, hiring sound staff, etc.), in addition to form and conduct special bands to accompany guest performers.
    • We conduct a workshop for the worship groups of the churches where we show the differences between the musical preparation in the secular area and Christian area and introduce new more efficient techniques for rehearsals in the praise and worship area. The goal is to provide training and improvement of people within the activities of worship groups in the churches, regardless of prior training.
    • We have another workshop which is a package with the above one + an intensive training on practice with the worship team.
Workshop in Charlotte - NC - US

Workshop in Charlotte - NC - US

Workshop in Guarulhos - SP - Brasil

Workshop in Guarulhos - SP - Brasil

    • We visit the temple of your congregation to know your technical problems that are occurring at the moment; 
    • We formalize our working proposal for the Preparation of Sound,Project, which discriminate the following services:
      • Report of what was found in our survey, ie, what equipment must be replaced, repaired and acquired, what are the technical issues and how the sound is being propragated with the current "layout"; 
      • Suggestion of equipments that need to be acquired according to the temple area, ie, indication of appropriate power to the physical environment of the church, as well as technical specifications and information about the brands and their quality; 
      • Surch of prices of the equipments that we will suggest, and in some caseswe are going to need to go to the store to test the equipments; 
      • Suggested new "layout" to optimize the sound propagation in the temple.


    • Installation of new equipments (without rewiring, ie, plugging everything with current cables); 

    • Adjustment of the sound;

    • Equalization of the sound according to the vocals of the worship team;           

    • Basic Training with the church volunteers who operate the sound to explain how should be the operation of equipment, application of sound concepts and techniques that will supply the current needs of the church.

Find bellow the detailing of the experience cited above:

Still in Brazil, in the period 2004-2006, at the church "Sara Nossa Terra", Victor Chicri was the leader of the Worship Ministry of Youth and Adults, empowering new musicians and instrumentalists, allowing that the church changed its services agenda from one service per week to four services per week and also created another biweekly youth service called "ARENA JOVEM". 

In 2007, he was hired by First Baptist Church of Portuguese Language of New York (PIBBRNY - Family Church) to direct all the musical church area, turning the number of musicians from 4 people for more than 60 people in 2010. Since then, in this church, Victor Chicri has trained many musicians and has already created seven bands of different musical styles (from samba to rock). Two of these bands have recorded their CDs and are sharing the gospel around the world. 

Since the beginning of 2009 he also started to work at "Mount Vernon First Church of Nazarene Brazilian" in New Rochelle, city nearby New York City, to coordinate the musical area of the Praise and Worship of Adults band and to form a Youth band. 

In the end of 2012, Victor Chicri was also hired to direct the weekly rehearsals of the worship group of the church "Catedral da Adoração" de Astoria, New York, that was facing many difficulties and today the church has experienced a new season in the worship area because the ministry was restored. 

Since 2011, Victor Chicri is the responsible Maestro of the music of the "Conference for Pastors and Leaders of the Portuguese Language in the USA and Canada" that takes place every year in the state of Connecticut - USA, forming and conducting special bands for the presentation of guest artists, such as Ana Paula Valadao (Diante do Trono), Asaph Borba and Ronaldo Bezerra.