Your Light Alone

Your Light Alone

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Gabriel Marchesi is a new generation artist creating and writing gospel music. He is grounded in a life of worship and follows these objectives: push God’s love and reveal to people through music God’s love. He wants to reach listeners in a way that they can sincerely worship God honestly and fully, and can experience God’s works upon their lives and be blessed by who he is.

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Gabriel Marchesi was born in 1994 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. At 13 years old, he started his musical history by participating in the worship ministry in his church. When he turned 19 years old, after finishing his studies in Brazil, he moved here to the United States to start his dream of creating music. Today at 24 years old, he is being produced by VCA Music, an independent label in Queens, NY and recorded his first single titled “Your Light Alone.” This song reminds us of how essential the light of God is in our lives so that we can walk the path that he laid out for us confidently and at peace.